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Antim Shankar Shradh Karm Puja

Antim Shankar Shradh Karm Puja

Price :
  •    With 1 Pandit Puja   :  3100/-   Without Samagri*
  •    With 1 Pandit Puja  :  4100/-   Including Samagri*
  •    With 2 Pandit Puja  :  6100/-   Including Samagri*
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    In Indian Culture, the day starting from Purnima (full moon night) of Shukla Paksh of Bhadrapad month till the Amavasya (No moon night) of the Krishna Paksh of Ashwin month is considered to be the period dedicated to our departed ancestors. This period of 15 days is known as “Pitra Paksh or the Shraadh Kaal”. This period is said to be very auspicious and favourable for performing special rituals known as “Shraadh Karma” for appeasing our late Ancestors and getting their blessings. These rituals of Shraadh Karma are supposed to be done by each and every person, no matter which caste, creed or culture they belong to because it is compulsory for everyone according to Ancient Vedic Texts. According to Brahma Purana, a person who performs Shraadh Karma with full faith and devotion is successful in appeasing Brahma, Rudra, Ashwini Kumar, Sun, Fire, Air in addition to his Ancestors and as a result he is blessed with Health, Wealth and Happiness. In our Ancient Texts, the Elder son has the rightful authority and advantage to perform Shraadh Karma for his parents which benefits the entire family.
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