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Griha Pravesha Puja

Griha Pravesha Puja

Price :
  •    With 1 Pandit Puja   :  5100/-   Without Samagri*
  •    With 2 Pandit Puja  :  7500/-   Including Samagri & Satyanaryan Puja*
  •    With 4 Pandit Puja  :  15000/- Including Samagri*
  •    With 5 Pandit Puja  :  21000/- Including Samagri*
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    Jagannath Puja includes Griha Pravesh that is entering the new world of the home which allows having aspects that make good feeling. It is a procedure to enhance the gesture of adding positivity to the house. If you are a Hindu, then you are expected to thank the Gods and your ancestors and seek their blessing before beginning anything new. Formally the negative energy has to be removed and add happiness in the home and entering the new life It gives good positivity in terms of signifying the Hindu preferences which are proven to be good significance. 


    • The puja is to be done for the healthy and happy life in a new home.
    • It is done to benefit the whole family.
    • The luck and prosperity always stay at home.
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