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Marriage Puja

Marriage Puja

    •  With 1 Pandit Puja   :  3100/-   Without Samagri*
    •    With 1 Pandit Puja  :  4100/-   Including Samagri*
    •    With 2 Pandit Puja  :  6100/-   Including Samagri*
    •    With 4 Pandit Puja  :  15000/- Including Instrumental & Samagri*

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    Hindu scriptures considers marriage as a sacrament with strong moral and ethical values. Marriage ceremonies vary in its rituals for different communities across our country however the purpose is the same. It is meant to unite the bride and the groom firmly so that they essentially become one in soul and spirit for many generations. With the holy fire or Agni as the witness, the couple circle around it, promising to support each other,share worldly possessions,raise strong and virtuous children and always remain friends and cherish each other. The Groom adorns the Bride’s neck with the Mangalsutra, a necklace symbolizing good luck, love and friendship.The ceremony integrates the lives of the marrying couple across the two families and reinforces the commitment of the Bride and Groom.


    • To ease out any planetary transit and malefic planets in your chart releasing its malefic effect on your marriage prospect.
    • To remove hindrances on your way to get married.
    • To get rid of Mangalik related Doshas.
    • To pacify Gandharva related Doshas in your marriage prospect.
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